SharePoint to Office 365

To create a new migration job to migrate sites, lists and libraries along their settings, metadata and permissions from SharePoint to Office 365:

Click Create New Migration Job on Job Manager page as shown below.

Select SharePoint to Office 365 from job category page as shown below.

The New Job page appears as shown below. Enter Job Name, Description (Optional) and specify source sharepoint and target office 365 Url and its credentials and click Connect

  1. To specify a SharePoint site URL (both source SharePoint and target Office 365) of a site from which you wish to migrate Libraries, Lists, folders, files and list items, perform the steps given below.


Specify a valid SharePoint site URL in source and specify valid Office 365 URL in target URL textbox.


Specify the Authentication type and user credentials to connect to the SharePoint URL using the options given below.


Specify the Authentication Type.

  1. Windows
  2. Forms
  3. Cloud Identity
  4. Federated Identity


Specify the user credentials


Specify the user context stored in the user profile (OR) Enter the user name in any ONE of the following formats:DOMAIN NAME\USER NAME,UserName@DomainName, UserName and its corresponding password. Dockit 365 Migrator will initiate Windows authentication or Forms authentication depending on configuration in the SharePoint site.


Click Connect button to proceed.


Drag and Drop files from source SharePoint (Left Pane) to target SharePoint site (Right Pane) or Select content and Right click file share, select Add to SharePoint.


Click Items to Migrate on Right pane to check the list of items selected for migration, also you can remove files by clicking the Red X .


Specify Migration Settings


Click Save button to create the job, or click < button to navigate to previous page to change any job settings.


After saving the job, it will be listed on the Job Manager page. You can click on to initiate the migration process.