Rename Documents in File System 

SharePoint does not permit certain characters in folder and file names. Dockit provides the ability to rename invalid character(s) to valid character(s) using Folder & File Renaming Rules, thereby eliminating the tedious step of renaming the source folders / files. Dockit also allows you to truncate / replace some valid character(s) in folder and/or file names using the Folder & File Renaming Rules. This feature helps you in avoiding certain unwanted string characters (e.g., file suffixes) that are in the source folder / file names to be part of the folder / file name in SharePoint library.

For instance, if a file is named as 'Product Specification_en.doc' and you need to truncate the suffix '_en' from the file name during import, you can create a file naming rule as stated in the example below:

File Name Find Replace Remarks
Product Specification_en.doc *_en {empty} As the Replace textbox with an empty string, the final file name will be 'Product Specification.doc'
Product # Table.doc # Number As the Replace textbox has the text 'Number' instead of the # symbol, the file name will be 'Product Number Table.doc'

Note: Dockit replaces '_en' with empty string in (or truncates '_en' from) the file name, if the primary part of the file name ends with '_en'. Also, the renaming rule does not replace any characters in extension part (secondary part) of the file name.

Dockit enables you to define flexible naming rules, in order to truncate or replace invalid and/or valid characters in folder and/or file names during import. By using wildcard characters ('*', '?') in the Find string in the naming rules, you can also create generic naming rules.

The naming rules are case insensitive. You can use the same Find string for both UPPER and lower case file names. For more information, please read Folder & File Renaming rules... section in the help document.