Server Agent Test Tool

Server Agent Test Tool

Dockit Server Agent is a server-side component of Dockit software. This Server Agent must be installed in the on-premise SharePoint servers (SharePoint 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007) only.


Select Server Agent Test Tool from Tools menu as shown below:



The Check Server Agent page appears as shown below:

Description: \\vsswks4\DocKIT Help\DocKIT v6.2 Help\images\dockit-features\dialogs\check-web-service-existence-dialog.png  


Specify a SharePoint URL in the URL textbox to verify Dockit Server Agent existence in the target SharePoint Server.


Connect to the SharePoint URL using the specified user credentials. Enter the user name in any ONE of the following formats: <DOMAIN NAME>\<USER NAME>, UserName@DomainName, UserName and its corresponding password . For example,, contoso\johndoe, johndoe.


Click Verify button to test the existence of Dockit Server Agent in the target SharePoint Server. When clicking this button, Dockit connects to the specified SharePoint server and checks the availability of Dockit Server Agent . Dockit will display the Server Agent status as shown below:

Description: \\vsswks4\DocKIT Help\DocKIT v6.2 Help\images\dockit-features\dialogs\web-service-status.png