Site and List Template Mapping

Dockit uses site and list template mapping to replace the unavailable site and list templates with valid / new SharePoint site and list templates when creating unavailable sites and lists during content migration from one SharePoint environment to another. 

To create a new site and list template mapping, select New from the Templates Tools pane. The new template will appear and enter an unique name for the template as shown below:

You have to select the appropriate source template from the source template list and target template from the list of available target templates. Finally, click button to map the templates. You can also specify the site / list URL in the source URL / Template Name textbox along with the new template name in the Target Template Name textbox .

You also have the option to enter the template names in the respective combo boxes and finally, click button to map. Once you click button, selected templates are mapped and the mapped template pair is displayed in the Site and List Template mapping pane as shown below: