Metadata Collator

The Dockit Metadata Collator tool helps you generate the list items' URL for a given SharePoint List along with the associated metadata (SharePoint column values) and exports the metadata file to a CSV file format.


Select Metadata Collator from Tools menu of Dockit main screen.


The Metadata Collator page appears as shown below:

Description: \\vsswks4\DocKIT Help\DocKIT v6.2 Help\images\dockit-features\dialogs\url.png


Specify a valid SharePoint List URL in the URL textbox. You can specify a SharePoint library / list / folder Location in the textbox (e.g., http://sharepoint.local/demo/lists/products). You can also specify a SharePoint online (Office 365) library / list / folder URL and click Connect. Upon clicking Connect button, you will be prompted for login credentials (username and password). Provide User ID and Password in the respective textboxes and click Sign in button to proceed.


Specify the user credentials to connect to the SharePoint URL using the options given below.

a.    Use the following credential to connect to SharePoint -   Connect to SharePoint URL using the user context stored in the user profile (OR) enter the user name in any ONE of the following formats: <DOMAIN NAME>\<USER NAME>, UserName@DomainName , UserName and its corresponding password. Dockit will initiate Windows authentication or Forms authentication depending on configuration in the target SharePoint site. Click Connect button to proceed.

b.    Use federated authentication (Web Single Sign-on) to connect to SharePoint - Connect to a SharePoint site (SharePoint On-premise or SharePoint Online) using federated identity configured using ADFS. Also, select this option to connect to Office 365 SharePoint Online configured using federated identity provider.

To connect to Office 365's SharePoint Online environment, you can use Web Single Sign-on option for both Cloud Identity (Office 365 Online User Credential e.g., and Federated Identity (configured via ADFS e.g., ).   


Select desired columns from the available columns list. The column value will be exported along with the list item URL to the metadata file.

Description: \\vsswks4\DocKIT Help\DocKIT v6.2 Help\images\dockit-features\dialogs\url-online-load.png


Export Options: Select any one of the following options to generate the URL for the list items:

a.     Export absolute URL of the items - Generate the absolute URL of the items with specified column value.

b.    Export base URL of the items - Generate URL of the items parent URL with specified column value.


Traversal Options: Select any one of the list traversal options as given below:

a.     All items and folders - Generate the URL list for all items and folders in the specified location.

b.    All items only - Generate the URL list for all items only, but not folders.

c.     All folders only - Generate the URL list for all folders, but not the items.

d.    Items in current level - Generate URL for all items and folders in the current / top level.


In Export as: option , s pecify valid export path in the textbox or click (...) button to specify the export file name.


S elect option 'Open metadata file once export is complete' to open the metadata file automatically after completing the export process.


Click Start Export... button to commence the export process.


After clicking Start Export... button, a dialog appears as shown below:

  Description: \\vsswks4\DocKIT Help\DocKIT v6.2 Help\images\dockit-features\dialogs\url-online-stop.png


Sample metadata entries generated using this tool:

For Absolute URL with Title Column

"Destination Path", "Title",”ContentType","PolicyNumber"
" http://sharepoint.vyapin.demo/sites/migration/lists/countries/1_.000","United States of America ","Policy Info","123A"
" http://sharepoint.vyapin.demo/sites/migration/lists/countries/2_.000","Australia ","Policy Info","234B"

For Base URL with Title Column

"Destination Path", "Title","DocType","PolicyNumber"
" http://sharepoint.vyapin.demo/sites/migration/lists/countries","United States of America ","Word document","123A"
" http://sharepoint.vyapin.demo/sites/migration/lists/countries","Australia ","Excel Sheet","234B"


Click Close button to close the Metadata Collator page.