View activity log

To view activity log associated with a task history item:


Select an item from Task History pane. 


Click View Activity Log  from Dockit main screen.


The Activity Log Viewer dialog appears as shown below.


The activity log of a task is classified into four different categories (seen under separate tabs):

a. Task Statistics: Displays a brief summary of the import process.
b. Task Results: Displays the task level detailed report of the import process.
c. File Errors: Displays detailed report of errors that occurred during import.
d. File Results: Displays detailed log of all items processed in the import task.
e. Task settings: Displays settings specified for the task at the time of import.

Click Save Results button to save the task results in Microsoft Excel format. Each tab in Activity LogViewer dialog is stored as a separate worksheet in MS-Excel.


Click Open Log Folder button to open the folder that contains the activity log of the currently displayed task history item.

Note: For all errors, refer File Errors section of Activity Log to view a description of the actual error that occurred during import.