Source SharePoint location 

To specify a SharePoint site URL (both source and target SharePoint) of a site / list / folder location from which you wish to migrate folders, files and list items, perform the steps given below:

1. The SharePoint location step appears as shown below:



Specify a valid SharePoint site URL (both source and target SharePoint) in the respective URL textbox. You can specify a SharePoint site, list or folder location in the URL textbox. Dockit will load the tree view of the location from the level specified in this textbox.

3. Specify the Authentication type and user credentials to connect to the SharePoint URL using the options given below :  

 a. Specify the Authentication Type
  • Windows
  • Forms
  • Office 365 Cloud Identity
  • Federated Identity

 b. Specify the user credentials

Specify the user context stored in the user profile (OR) Enter the user name in any ONE of the following formats: <DOMAIN NAME>\<USER NAME>,UserName@DomainName, UserName and its corresponding password. Dockit will initiate Windows authentication or Forms authentication depending on configuration in the SharePoint site. 

  In scheduled migration process, Dockit allows the user to enter different user credentials to connect to SharePoint and to create a scheduled migration task (unattended mode). By default, Dockit will use the user account specified in the scheduled 'Run As' user context to connect to SharePoint. In case, if you decide to use different user context to connect to SharePoint when running the scheduled task, you can do so by storing the SharePoint user context for future use.

Dockit will store the user credential to connect to SharePoint in the Microsoft Windows Stored User Names and Passwords applet / Credential Manager for security reasons. The stored user profile is tied to the user context (currently logged on user account) in which the profile is created.

Click ... button to create new user profile. Click here to view the details about Profile Manager dialog.

4 Click Next button to proceed.