External Reference File 

Dockit provides an additional facility to update metadata from an external reference file for metadata cleansing purposes. When a document / list item metadata is specified in the external reference file, Dockit uses the values in the external reference file instead of the document / list item metadata values as available in the source SharePoint list. To specify the external reference file to use to assign document properties in SharePoint:


The External Reference File step appears as shown below:


Click (...) button to specify the external reference file. The reference file can be any one of the following file formats - Comma delimited (CSV), Microsoft Excel (XLSX) or Text file (TXT).

For more information about how to create external reference file, click here.


The external reference file will automatically be extracted once the file name is specified. If you are using a Microsoft Excel based external reference file, then select the sheet name to use from the drop-down.


Specify Date and Time format for the date fields and the User value format for the user related columns entered in the reference file. The selected formats will be used to parse the external reference file and assign them to the respective columns in SharePoint.




Click Next to proceed.