Import Conditions 

Dockit can migrate or update folders and files to SharePoint after they meet certain criteria. Dockit will update folders and files based on these filter conditions. Filters can be created using metadata columns and values (from external metadata file), and file information (created date, modified date and file extension). Use the steps outlined in this section to define an import condition based on folder level and/or file level property filters.


The Import Conditions step appears as shown below:


Select any one of the following options given below:

a.     Do not apply any import conditions - No conditions will be used to filter folders or files.

b.    Apply the following import conditions - The import conditions specified will be used to filter folders / files that are uploaded to SharePoint.


Once you select Apply the following import conditions and click 'File Condition...' button or ‘Folder Condition…’ button to specify the respective filter condition. The import condition dialog will appear as shown below:


You can specify the import conditions by selecting the Field Name and by specifying a corresponding value with the required operator. You can use mathematical operators such as >, =, >= etc. to define your query. Complex queries can be constructed with the use of left-right parenthesis '(' and ')' and logical operators 'AND' and 'OR'.



Once you specify the respective folder


& file import conditions, the task wizard step appears as shown below:



Click Next to proceed.