Column Mapping 

To perform column mapping


The Column Mapping step appears as shown below:

2. Column Mapping Template : Select any one of the column mapping templates to use from the list of available template(s). A couple of default templates ('Blank' and 'Core File Properties') are readily available to ease the mapping configuration.
3. Source Column:  You can specify source column values from 'File properties','Metadata File','Function Builder' and also from 'Other File Properties' by entering the property name.
4. Target Column : You can specify the target SharePoint Column which needs to map and assign values.

5. Default value: You can specify the alternate value here that takes effect, in case the original source value could not be assigned to the target SharePoint column during migration.
6. Save As : This option enables you to save the configured column mapping as templates for reuse in other migration tasks.

7. Reset: This helps you reset the mapping configuration to default setting.

8. Click Next to proceed