Job History

When a job is run in Dockit 365 Archiver, the job history information can be viewed upon clicking
Or by clicking on and select Show History.

The history of the job will be displayed  as shown below.

Start Time -> Date and Time a job has been initiated.
End Time -> Date and Time a job has completed its archival process
Elapsed Time -> Total time (hh:mm:ss) a job has taken to complete its archival process.
Status -> Brief remark about the status of archival.
Total -> Total number of files given for archive in this job.
Total Size -> Total size of files in archive job.
Delete -> Deletes the logs and history details of that instance.

Possible Status Description

Archive process has been completed successfully without any errors


Archive process encountered certain errors

Eval limit reached

Archive process reached the maximum allowed number of files to archive in evaluation / trial version. This message is applicable for evaluation / trial version only.


Archive process has been canceled by the user.


The archive process could not be initiated as there were issues.

The following operations can be performed on job history items: