Run a Job

'Start' option of a job in job manager page allows the user to instantiate a job any time after the job has been created. To run a Dockit 365 Archiver job:

1. In Job Manager Page, Click Start option of the job or click on icon and select Run Job.

2. Office 365 Login Dialog to connect to SharePoint will appear as shown below.

 The given credential will be used to connect to the SharePoint site.

3. The progress of the job will be reported as shown below:

It shows the files that are being archived to File share.

Name -> Title of the file.
Source Path -> SharePoint Location of the file.
Size -> Size of the file.
Target Path ->File Share location of the file.
State -> Current State of the file (i.e. In Queue (or) In Progress (or) Completed).


  1. Files Archived - Shows the total number of files archived to File Share.

  2. Size - Size of files Archived - Total size of files provided for archive.

  3. % - Shows the progress of the job in percentage(%).

  4. Elapsed Time - Shows the elapsed time from the instance the archive job started or commenced.

4. Once the archive job is complete, the information will be updated in Job History section, where you can view the archive activity performed when the job ran last.