How to scan specific servers in a domain?

You can have the System Info reports and summary information of a domain (namely Summary, Shares and Applications) generated either for an entire domain or for selected servers in the domain, using the 'Scan option for ...' dialog.

Note: This dialog appears, if either it is the first time the report is run against the domain or when you refresh the report.

ARKWE defaults to scanning the entire domain, with the provision to enumerate Domain Controllers, Servers, Workstations only. To scan only selected servers, you can either select the computers by using Scan Selected Server(s) in Domain option or by selecting Select a Scan Profile option.

By using the Scan Selected Server(s) in Domain option you can specify a computer list by manually typing in the computer name and adding it to the list, or by selecting computers from the network using the Add From button as shown below:

You may also apply a scan profile to the report to restrict the list of computers for which you want the report to be generated.

A Scan Profile essentially contains a list of computers that ARKWE can read and generate the report only for computers in the selected profile.

Click button to create a new Scan Profile. Click button to edit an existing Scan Profile. For more information on Scan Profiles please see About Scan Profiles.

However, please be aware, that the report will be generated only for computers, in the applied profile, belonging to the currently selected domain. This restriction does not apply if the report is being generated off-line using Power Export tool.

Click OK in the "Scan Option for..." dialog to generate the report.

If ARKWE could not find any computers belonging to the currently selected domain in the applied Scan Profile, you may see the following message show up on screen:

Note: Clicking Cancel in "Scan option for.." dialog will display previously collected report data (if any) for the domain.