How to create Scan Profiles (Users/Groups)?
Perform the following steps to create a Scan Profile (Users/Groups).
1. Select from the application toolbar. This action will launch the Scan Profiles Manager (Users/Groups) dialog as shown below.

2. Click New button in the Scan Profiles Manager (Users/Groups) dialog. This action will launch the Scan Profiles (Users/Groups) dialog as shown below.


1.Enter a name for the profile.
2. Use the Browse and Select button to enumerate users/groups from servers or Scan Profiles Computers as shown below

3.You can enter users / groups name and add to the selected account list for creating a profile. Enter the users/groups name in 'Domain\User Name' format and click the Add button to add the entered account to the list as shown below.



5.Click Finish to save the Users/Groups profile for future use.