How to manage Scan Profiles (Shares)?
Click to launch the Scan Profiles Manager (Shares) . The Scan Profiles Manager (Shares) shows the list of available profiles.

The Scan Profiles Manager allows you to perform the following operations:
  • Create a new Scan Profile (Shares)
  • Edit an existing Scan Profile (Shares)
  • Delete a Scan Profile (Shares)
  • Preview the list of Shares in a Scan Profile (Shares)

Create a new Scan Profile (Shares)

  1. To create a new Scan Profile (Shares) click New
  2. Follow the steps as outlined in How to create Scan Profiles?

Edit an existing Scan Profile (Shares)

  1. To edit a Scan Profile (Shares) click Edit button in the Scan Profiles Manager. The Scan Profile (Shares) wizard will appear on the screen which will allow you to edit the selected profile.
  2. During edit operation you can modify the Shares list.

Delete a Scan Profile (Shares)

To delete a Scan Profile (Shares), select the profile you want to delete, and then click Delete button. The selected Scan Profile (Shares) will be deleted permanently. Please note, that reports associated with the Scan Profile (Shares) deleted may fail to run when generated.

Preview the list of shares in a Scan Profile (Shares)

To preview the list of shares in a profile, select a profile, and then click Preview button.
The Preview window allows you to view what shares will be included in the profile.