About Power Export
ARKWE provides a powerful offline report generation tool called Power Export. Power Export allows the user to select multiple reports to be run for several domains and servers across the enterprise at scheduled intervals. The Power Export tool has the ability to export and/or print the reports in different file formats.

Please note the following while using the Power Export Wizard:

  1. Scheduled reports will be created as a "task" in Windows Task Scheduler.
  2. The scheduled job will generate and export/email the reports in different file formats (HTML, CSV, XLSX and SQL) to the desired folder path/printer.
  3. By default, for each task, a sub-folder with the task name will be created under the specified export path. All selected Reports will be exported to a time-stamped sub-folder, in the format "yyyy-mm-dd hh.mm.ss", under the task name folder. Therefore, the full folder path for all the exported reports refers to the following directory: <Export path><Task name><Time stamp>.
  4. A separate file will be created for each report in the desired file format. For example, in the HTML file format, each report will be created as a .html file.

Note: ARKWE Power Export Wizard will help you create and store the settings for a task, which you may view or modify later using the Scheduled Tasks Manager. The task will be created with the settings (Schedule Type and Run As parameter) provided using the Power Export Wizard. A valid password must be specified for the Run As parameter of the task.

You can schedule the two types of reports (Standard report and Built-in report) available in ARKWE.