Domain Credentials

Manage alternate credentials for Domain / Directory Servers. The application by default uses the currently logged on user context to enumerate computers, shares and to collect report data. If you want to specify alternate Domain Administrator credentials you may use this option. 

Configuring Domain Credentials

You can access the Domain Credentials settings by selecting the Domain Credentials option in the Configuration Settings window.


If you have chosen Active Directory Services under the Computer Enumeration settings, you can launch the ARKWE Domain Credentials window within a report window by doing the following:

  1. Select any one of the reports from the ARKWE main application window. For example Standard Reports -> Domains-Shares option.

  2. The action will launch the Domains-Shares report window.

  3. In the report window, at the bottom of the treeview click Add Domains button. This action will launch the "Domain Credentials" window as shown below.


The various operations that can be performed in the Domain Credentials screen are given below:




To Add a new domain/server to the list.


To Edit the properties of a domain/server in the list. Select a domain/server and click Edit button.


To Delete a domain/sever from the list. Select a domain/server and click Delete button.


To connect to a domain/server in the list. Select a domain/server and click Connect button.