Configure Computer Enumeration

For enumerating computers in your network automatically, ARKWE uses either Computer Browser Service or Active Directory Services. Select an option for enumerating computers in your domain as shown below. You may use the Browser service if you have a smaller network, as it may take time for the Browser service to respond to data requests on large networks. The advantage of a Browser service is that it lists only those computers that are currently active/alive on your network. You may use the Active Directory Services option if you have a large network and you need a quicker enumeration of computers in your domain. However, this option requires that the domain controller is contacted and queried. Therefore, the currently logged on user must have sufficient privileges to connect to a domain controller or you may specify alternate domain credentials for a domain controller (see configuring the Domain Credentials section in the wizard).

NOTE: IF you use the Browser service, ensure that NETBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled in both the client and the computers that need to be reported on. The Browser service must also be running.

You can access the Computer Enumeration settings by clicking Tools -> Configuration Settings menu in the ARKWE main application window and selecting "Computer Enumeration" node as shown below: