How to view Built-in Reports for Users and Groups?
Users and Groups Reports

The Users and Groups reports, contains reports that can be generated against domain(s) and specific server(s) as well.

Click on
button under Built-in Reports button in the toolbar.
The Built-in Reports window with the list of reports will be displayed as shown below:

Step 1: Report Selection

Select the report to be generated. Only one report can be generated at a time. Click Next to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Select Domain(s) / Server(s)

Select the server(s)/Domain(s) or Select a Scan Profile, for which the report needs to be generated.
The default option selected is All Domains, for all the reports.

Click Next to proceed to the next step.
Step 3: Select Report Criteria

To view the part of the report that is of more significance, change the report criteria settings. Only the data that matches the specified criteria will be displayed in the generated report.
Click Finish to generate the selected report.
After the data collection process is complete, the report would be generated in a report window as shown below:

List of Reports:  
Report Name Description
List of Users and Groups Reports both the user and group accounts.
List of User accounts Reports only the user accounts. This report lists both built-in and custom users.
List of Local and Global groups

Reports only the group accounts with member information. This report lists all Local groups for all the servers and also the Global groups if the server happens to be a PDC.

List of disabled user accounts

Reports only the user accounts, both built-in and custom, that have been disabled and/or otherwise.

List of locked-out user accounts

Reports only the user accounts, both built-in and custom, that have been locked out and/or otherwise.

Password settings of all user accounts (Password never expires etc.)

Reports password settings of the users’ viz., Password never expires, User must change password at next logon, User cannot change password.

Members of Local Administrators group

Reports user and/or group members for the given group(s).

Log on rights assigned for all accounts (Log on locally etc.)

Reports user and/or group accounts having the logon rights viz., Log on locally, Log on as a service, Log on as a batch job.

Privileges assigned for all accounts  

Reports the assigned privileges for both user and group accounts.

Group membership with nested groups Reports all the members of a group along with their sub-group members.