Filter Data
Filters are used in server level to view data selectively. It allows you to input conditions for displaying the data. Filters are maintained for each server separately until they are explicitly cleared.  

Click toolbar in report window

Or Select Filter... from Tools menu.


Or Right click anywhere on the report’s data available in the right pane, and select Filter from the popup menu.

The Filter dialog window will be displayed.
To set a filter condition, follow these steps.
  1. Click (Clear All) button and clear the filter.

  1. Choose a field name, an operator and a possible value from the respective dropdown options.

  1. Click

  1. The Add to Filter will change to AND to Filter. The OR to Filter button will be enabled. The selected condition will be set as a filter and displayed (as shown below).


  1.  Click to apply the filter.

  • Use the , and to build enhanced filter condition as shown below:

  • (Field A = Value 1 AND Field B = Value 2) OR (Field C = Value 3 AND Field D = Value 4)

  • Use to remove the parenthesis

  • Use delete a selected condition.

The status bar’s FILTERED indicator is used to indicate whether the current data is filtered or not.

For a filtered view, the status bar will appear as