Access Denied Task 

Access Denied Task is a task which is maintained in ARKIIS database, but the schedule settings will not be shown in the Schedule Manager. 

The left pane shows the list of scheduled tasks maintained in ARKIIS. If the current user does not have enough permission to retrieve schedule settings, the Schedule Manager will treat the task as Access Denied task. 

The Access Denied task can be identified by its icon representation - {{A/D}} suffix appended to the task name. However, the Access Denied task will not be listed in the right pane of the Schedule Manager window.

When the Access Denied task is selected in the left pane, the operations (as listed below) that could be performed on the selected task will be grayed out.
Edit Schedule settings.
Edit Report settings.
Enable/Disable scheduled task.
Delete task.
Ensure the currently logged on user has Modify permission to access and edit the schedule settings of the task.