Launch Schedule Manager

Schedule Manager window can be used to manage scheduled tasks that are maintained in ARKIIS.

To open Schedule Manager window
Select on the toolbar
The Schedule Manager window will be displayed as shown below.
The Schedule Manager window has two panes. The left pane shows the list of scheduled tasks maintained in ARKIIS. The right pane shows the schedule settings as per the task selection in the left pane. 
Click button to create a new task. Scheduled tasks that are created, will be displayed as shown below.
When you select the Scheduled Tasks node in the left pane, the right pane shows a brief description (Run as account, schedule information) of each scheduled task that is available in the Windows Scheduled Tasks folder. 
When you select a task listed in the left pane, the right pane clearly shows the reports scheduled in the selected task.
The Schedule Manager window provides set of operations to manage the scheduled tasks. Before performing them, the scheduled task should be selected in either left pane or right pane. The set of operations are described in the following table:
To create a new task.
To delete the selected scheduled task in the Schedule Manager.
To edit the schedule settings of the selected scheduled task.
To edit the report settings that is associated with the selected scheduled task.
To enable/disable the selected scheduled task to run at the specified time.
To close the Schedule Manager window.