ExportPlus tool

Using Export Plus, the whole/desired set of information about the server/web site/virtual directory can be exported in a single instance.

Export Plus supports 3 types of file formats (HTML, MDB and CSV). The files will be exported to the path as 

<given To path>\EXPPLUS_<mm_dd_yyyy_hh_mm_ss>\<IIS path>_<site index of the web site>.<given file format>

While exporting as a MDB (Microsoft Access Database file), tables will be generated for each category.

How to use Export Plus?
There are three ways to open Export Plus dialog. They are

Click toolbar in report window 


Select ExportPlus... under Web Sites Report from the Tools menu.


Right Click anywhere on the main window/report window, and select Export Plus from the popup menu. 

The Connect to IIS Server dialog box will appear. 

Enter a server name in the textbox.
Select a server from the Favorites dropdown. This dropdown will contain the list of web servers available in the Favorite Web Servers list.
Click  button to browse for computers running IIS. This operation may take some time depending on the size of the domain.

The Export Plus dialog will appear.