Export For Comparison Tool

The Export For Comparison Tool enables the user to export the entire data for all Web Sites and Virtual Directories for a selected web server into the application's internal database (stored as MS Access database .MDB file). This is especially useful for comparing and generating Comparsion Reports with Web Site and Virtual Directory configuration across web servers.

Perform the following steps to export to a database for comparison purposes:

Select Export For Comparison... under Web Sites Report from the Tools menu.

The Connect to IIS Server dialog box will appear. 

Enter a server name in the textbox.
Select a server from the Favorites dropdown. This dropdown will contain the list of web servers available in the Favorite Web Servers list.
Click  button to browse for computers running IIS. This operation may take some time depending on the size of the domain.

The Export For Comparison dialog will appear. 


Select the path where you want your data to be exported. and click OK.

Note: The report file will be generated as
<given To path>\<COMPEXP_dd_mm_yy_hh_ss>\<Selected Server Name>_<Compare>.<MDB>

The file will be generated in Access 2000 format.