Add or remove favorite web servers

The Favorites web servers feature helps the user to select servers and web sites that are frequently used. By this feature the user can add servers/web sites that are frequently used to generate reports, without the need to connect to the server every time. The report window provides two tabs for favorites in the left pane to view the Favorites.

Click  toolbar in report window

Or Select My Favorite Web Servers under Web Sites Report from the Tools menu. 


Or Right click anywhere on the main window/report window, and select My Favorite Web Servers from the popup menu.
Add to Favorites

Type the IIS Server name in IIS Server Name text box and click

The given IIS Server name will be added in the Favorites List. 

Note: The server name is not validated, so that the servers which are not currently available in the network can also be added in favorites. 

Or Click

The IIS Servers dialog box will appear, with the list of available domains. Select all the required servers by clicking on them and click

Note: Only those servers whose metabase are accessible will only be allowed to be selected. The servers which are not selected will not be removed from the list, unless explicitly removed by clicking the remove button.

Remove from Favorites

Select the server to be removed from the Favorites List and click 

Or To remove all servers in the Favorites List click