Export reports

The Export feature helps the user to export the data displayed in reports generated by ARKIIS to HTML/CSV/MDB formats. Exporting supports HTML, Comma Separated Values and Microsoft Access MDB file formats for generating reports. Using the Export feature an user can export the report that is currently viewed.

Click toolbar in report window

Or Select Export... from Tools menu.


The Export Settings dialog box will appear.


Select the path and format (HTML/MDB/CSV) to which you want your data be exported. and Click .

Note: The report file will be generated as
<given To path>\<dd_mm_yy_hh_ss>\<currently selected IIS path>_<currently viewing category>_<site index of the current web site>.<given As format>

In the case of MDB (Access database) the file will be generated in Access 2000 format and will have a table with the same name as the currently viewing category.