Common causes for empty data
Here are the various causes for empty data being reported in ARKES:
  • Currently logged on user or the entered user credential does not have the required permissions to view Exchange Organization information. Please refer to ARKES Reports Primer section in the help file for more information.
  • The object corresponding to the selected report may not be available in the Exchange organization of the entered Directory Server.
      1. For example, Managed Folders, Exchange ActiveSync is not applicable for Exchange 2003. If you have generated this report by connecting to the Directory Server residing in Exchange 2003 only organization, no data will be displayed in the generated report.
  • The given container / OU does not have objects (say, Mailboxes, Mail users, Distribution Groups, Contacts, Public Folders) corresponding to the selected report.
  • The resource reports will be resulting in no data if Exchange credential are not provided in the Connection Manager.
  • The Mail Item reports will be resulting in no data if the provided Exchange credential does not have impersonation permission in Exchange Organization or Active Directory.
  • The search criteria specified prior to data collection or filter criteria applied in the report window after data collection could be resulting in no data.
  • No objects would be enumerated if the currently logged on user account or entered user credential is denied read permission on objects.