Clean-up SQL Database
Clean-up SQL Database
Some of the ARKES reports perform more transactions in its Quick Reports database (as mentioned above). This action may result in increase in its database file size, which can be reclaimed later by using the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Please refer to the following MSDN articles to reclaim database disk space in SQL Server:

Shrinking a Database

How to: Shrink a Database (SQL Server Management Studio)

ARKES can truncate and shrink the application database related files based on the settings provided in Database Shrink Settings . To configure the settings, Go to Tools menu and click Database Shrink Settings . This will display a dialog as shown below:

If the time interval configured in the settings dialog is, say 7 days, ARKES will perform the truncation and shrink process every 1 days from the last truncation date.

Clean-up SQL Database process is only for ARKES - Built-in Reports and ARKES - Power Reports not an ARKES-Traffic Reports database  
Using the Profile Manager dialog show below, new profile can be created and available profiles can be removed from the profiles list.
If the Disable Database Truncation checkbox is checked, database truncation by ARKES will be disabled i.e, ARKES won't perform truncation process while closing application.
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