How to generate Mail Traffic Reports?
 1. Perform the following steps to generate Mail Traffic Reports:
 2. Select  button in the toolbar.
The Mail Traffic Reports window with the list of available reports will be displayed as shown below:

3. Server and Report Selection Step: Exchange Server in the drop-down list and view the list of available reports for the selected Exchange version.

 4. Expand the desired reports container. Select the desired report and click Next.

5. Specify Search Criteria Step This step allows you to apply report criteria by specifying conditions to restrict the report data collection.

6. Of the criteria, 'Date Range' is the default criteria for all reports. It assigns the current date time value to the 'Time Stamp' field, by default.
7. For additional criteria, click 'Advanced Filter' button. The Report Criteria window shows up on screen. Select a field, and specify a value for the selected field. Click Add to Filter button to add the filter values. See Filter Criteria for more details.
  1. Click Finish to generate the report.
  2. Once the data collection process is complete, the report data will be displayed in a report window as shown below:

    3. Follow the above mentioned similar steps to run a different report.