Add an Exchange Server

You have to add the Exchange Server credentials apart from the Directory server, in the Connection Manager in order to retrieve Exchange Store/Mailbox/Public Folder information for the Resource reports

Exchange Server - This section contains details about how to add an Exchange Server to the Directory Server. 

Add an Exchange Server to the list
Launch Connection Manager window.
In the Connection Manager window, click Add button.
The NewServer wizard will be displayed as shown below:

Click Next.

    In Add New Exchange server step, provide the following details:
  • Exchange Version:Select an Exchange Version from the Exchange Version dropdown.
  • Server Name: Specify the name of a valid Exchange Server (2013/2010/2007) in FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) format.
    e.g., RD70.SPACENET.LOCAL (i.e., Host Name: RD70, Domain Name: SPACENET.LOCAL)
  • User Name: Specify a user name which has necessary permissions to collect data in DOMAIN\USER NAME format.
    e.g., Spacenet\Adminuser4.
  • Password: Enter the password for the specified user.
Click >> to add the entered Exchange server.
Similarly, you can add other Exchange servers and click Next.
Proceed to the next step and click Finish to add the Exchange server to the Connection manager.