How to generate Built-in Report?
Perform the following steps to generate a built-in report:
Select  button in the toolbar.
The Built-in Reports window with the list of available built-in reports will be displayed as shown below:

Step 1: Server and Report Selection
    1. Click '...' button to select a Directory Server from the Connection Manager. Select the desired Exchange version to view the list of available reports for the selected Exchange version.
    2. Expand the desired reports container. Select the desired report and click Next.
Setp 2: Specify Search Scope
Select the desired search scope option to proceed.
    1.    Select Specific mailbox-enabled user(s) only option to generate the report for selective mailbox(s).

  • Click Add... button to select mailbox(s) from Directory server. In Recipient picker dialog, select the desired mailbox(s) and click OK.
  • You can also specify the search criteria in Recipient picker dialog to filter the desired objects.

    2.  Select All mailbox-enabled user(s) in specific containers option to generate report for the entire Organization (or) select Organizational Units/Containers in the Organization.  
  • Select Entire Organization option to generate report for the entire Organization.
  • In order to select specific containers, select Selected Containers in Organization option and then click Browse to select containers in the domain. The container browser dialog will be displayed as shown below: 
  • Select the desired container and click OK. Note that only one container may be selected at a time. To select another container, click Browse... again.
  • ARKES defaults to scanning base container only. If you want to scan all the sub-containers under a given container click Edit Options. The Container Options dialog will be displayed as shown below:
  • Click Next to proceed to the next step.
Step 3: Specify Search Criteria

This step allows you to apply report criteria by specifying conditions to restrict the objects for report data collection.
  1. To set a criteria for the report, click Edit Criteria.
  2. The Report Criteria window shows up on screen. Select a field, an operator, and specify a value for the condition. Click Add to Filter button to add the filter condition. The Report Criteria window will be displayed as shown below:

  3. Click OK to apply the criteria to the report.
  4. The applied report criteria would be displayed as shown below:

    Click Finish to generate the report.
Once the data collection process is complete, the report data will be displayed in a report window as shown below:  

Follow the above mentioned similar steps to run a different report.