How to E-mail data?
ARKES - Traffic Reports provides the option to e-mail the reports generated by using the Built-in Reports.
Click button in the toolbar to e-mail the report to the e-mail recipients. E-mail dialog will be displayed as shown below:

For e-mailing reports, it requires SMTP Server, From E-mail Address, To E-mail Addresses (recipients separated by semicolon) and the report attachment format.

Specify SMTP server name, from Address, To address, mail subject, mail content, attachment format and option to compress the attachment.

Click button to send the report by e-mail to the selected recipients.  

Check Names

ARKES - Traffic Reports provides check name feature, to check the existence of corresponding mail-enabled recipient object in Active Directory. To check name, click   button. If the entered name matches with a mail object in the Active directory / its trusted domain, name entered in From address text box will be replaced by the corresponding active directory recipient object. If there is more than one match, a dialog which contains matching Active Directory recipients will appear as shown below. You can select one or more recipient and click OK.


  • To get more information about the listed recipients under Change to, select the name, and then click   .

    If there is no match for the name entered by the user in Active Directory, a dialog will appear as shown below:

    Select Delete option in the above dialog to remove the recipient name from To address text box. Click Cancel button to close this dialog and the unresolved recipient(s) will appear in red color. 

    Address Book

    ARKES - Traffic Reports provides Address Book feature to search for any mail enabled recipient object (say, person, distribution list, contact, public folder) you want to send a message to. Click   button and then use the Find Names dialog box to search for the recipient object you want to send a message to. (Note that you can't use the Find Names dialog box to search for distribution lists in your Contacts folder.) Select the object's name in the list and then click Add recipient to...To


    • To get more information about one of the names in the list, such as department or phone number, select the name, and then click   .