How to perform a new Account Search?

Select menu in the toolbar. The Configuration Settings will appear on the screen which will allow you to select a domain and a corresponding domain controller.

The Accounts Search dialog will be launched after the domain and the selected domain controller are validated as shown below:

In the Accounts Search dialog,

  • Select an object (Users or Groups or Computers) for which the search has to be done in Active Directory.

  • Use the filters section to assign multiple search conditions for the search by selecting a field, an operator and specify a value for the condition. The multiple search conditions are processed using AND operators.

  • Click Add Filter to add the filter to the list as shown below:

  • After adding the desired filters click OK to perform the search.

  • To enumerate all the objects just leave the filters section blank and click OK.

After the data collection process is complete, the report would be generated in a report window as shown below:

In the report window, click Search settings to view the search settings associated with the report as shown below: