How to generate Forest Reports?
Perform the following steps to generate a forest report.
  1. Select under AD Reports button in the tool bar.
  1. The Forest Reports window with the list of reports will be displayed as shown below:

  1. This window shows the list of reports that can be generated across domains in a forest. Select a report from the list of reports.

    Click Next to proceed to the next step.
  1. Specify a domain controller that holds the Global Catalog for which you want to generate the selected report. Please note that the domain controller that you specify must be a Global Catalog server for generating forest reports. Click Select button to specify a domain controller. The Configuration Settings will be displayed which will allow you to specify a domain controller.

  1. Click Finish to generate the report.
  1. After the data collection process is complete, the report would be generated in a report window as shown below:

  1. To generate another report across domains click on the browse button ("...") next to Report name in the report window.