How to generate Custom Reports?
Perform the following steps to generate a custom report.
  1. Select menu in the toolbar.
  1. The Custom Reports window with the list of available custom reports will be displayed as shown below:

  1. Select a report from the list of reports.

    You can create a new custom report by clicking New button. This will launch the
    Custom Reports Wizard which will guide you through the steps for creating a custom report.

    To modify an existing custom report, select a report, and then click Edit button. The Custom Reports Wizard will be displayed which will guide you through the steps for editing a custom report.

    Click Delete button to delete any selected custom report. Please note that you cannot delete a custom report which currently is being viewed.

    You can view the list of fields defined for any selected report by clicking View Details button.

    Click Next to proceed to the next step.
  1. Specify a domain controller for which you want to generate the selected custom report. Click Select button to specify a domain controller. The Configuration Settings will be displayed which will allow you to specify a domain controller.

  1. Click Finish to generate the report.
  1. After the data collection process is complete, the report would be generated in a report window as shown below:

  1. To generate another custom report click on the browse button ("...") next to Report name in the report window.