How to Print data?
Preview the generated report output before printing the report.   

Click on
  button in the toolbar available in the report window or press CTRL + P to launch Preview window. The report viewer will be displayed as shown below:


1. Click the Navigation buttons   to navigate through the report pages

2. Click the Refresh button to reprocess the report and reload the data from the cache.

3. Click the Print button to print the report.

4. Click the Settings button to Show/Hide columns. The Report Settings window will be displayed as shown below:


5. Click the export button to export the report data in HTML, CSV, MDB, PDF, XLS and TIFF file formats.

6. Select the Zoom control to enlarge or shrink the view size of the report.

7.  Click the Find button to find specific text within a report. The search is case-insensitive and begins at the page that is currently selected. Wildcards and   Boolean search operators are not supported.

8.  Click the Next button  to search for subsequent occurrences of the same search field value.