Configure ADChangeTracker

ADChangeTracker startup wizard will help you configure the ADChangeTracker application to track changes in Active Directory domain. The following wizard will appear when you run the application for the very first time.

Click Next to proceed.

You can add one or more domains in order to track changes by clicking on 'Add' button. Changes are tracked for each domain separately. You may add as many domains as you would like to track changes on.


ADChangeTracker uses SQL Server database for its data storage to generate auditing reports. ADChangeTracker requires an SQL Server running SQL Server 2012 / 2008 / 2005 (Enterprise / Standard / Express editions) to connect and create a database. ADChangeTracker will connect to the specified SQL Server based on the authentication mode and user credentials to create manage its own application databases. A new database will be created in your SQL server by the name ADChangeTracker-<COMPUTER>, where COMPUTER stands for the computer name that is running ADChangeTracker application. Thus, each installation of ADChangeTracker will deploy its own database based on the computer where ADChangeTracker is installed. For example, if you install the software on 3 different machines, 3 different databases will be created and each installed application will track changes separately independent of each other.

Specify the SQL Server name, authentication mode, user name and password in the above screen.

Click Finish to save configuration settings.