About Vyapin Active Directory Change Tracker (ADChangeTracker)

Vyapin Active Directory Change Tracker (ADChangeTracker) audits, tracks and analyzes all changes made to your Active Directory configuration. The tool audits all changes made to your Active Directory by periodically collecting only the changed data, reporting what exactly changed, along with the new and old values, when the change was made, where the change happened in your Active Directory and the tool also determines who made the change by looking up the Security Event logs of your audit-enabled Active Directory. Active Directory Change tracker records and maintains the entire history of all tracked changes along with the relevant Event log data in a SQL server database for future reference and analysis. A powerful search tool helps you analyze all past changes on any predefined search criteria. Changes can be selectively tracked (such as only OUs) and a powerful email notification mechanism lets you configure different types of changes (such as Created, Deleted, and Modified) and get them notified to different end users based on the OUs/containers where the changes happened.