How to Track Changes?

The Track Changes feature allows you to track the list of all the changes made in Active Directory. You can check for various changes in Active Directory like addition or deletion of objects, modification of properties.

Select button in the toolbar. The Track Changes window will be launched.

Select Track now option to track changes made to Active Directory domain immediately upon clicking the Finish button or select Track at scheduled intervals option to track changes made to Active Directory domain at scheduled intervals.

Changes will be tracked since the last time a tracking was performed. The tracking process will only collect the changed data and store it in the application's change history database. You will have to view the changes by clicking on the Change Reports button in the toolbar.


Change the task schedule settings as required and set the password for the specified Run As user.

Click Next to proceed to the next step.

  • Select Export or E-mail options as necessary.
  • Use Browse button to change the export path.
  • The export path refers to the destination folder where the report output file generated should be stored. By default, for each task, a sub-folder with the task name will be created under the specified export path. All selected reports will be exported to a time-stamped folder in the format "yyyy-mm-dd", under the task name folder. If you want to export to the task name sub-folder in the specified folder (without time stamp folder) instead, clear "Export to time-stamped sub-folder" option.

    Note: Clearing the "Export to time-stamped sub-folder" option will not create time-stamp folder and overwrite existing files, if any, in the specified export path.  

Click Message Settings button to specify optional e-mail settings as shown below.

Click Finish to save the task details

Once data collection is complete, you can view the changes made to your Active Directory domain with the help of Change Reports feature.