How to use Quick Filter?

The Quick Filter in Events Reports allows you to view a narrow subset of data by specifying a filter condition that could either be applied to any of the fields or to a specific field in the current report.
The Quick Filter tool is available below the report grid in the right pane as shown below:

Apply Filter


To filter report data, perform the following steps:

  1. Select a field from the fields drop-down. If you want to apply the filter condition to any of the fields in the current report, select “Any Field” from the fields drop-down.

  2. Select an operator from the operators drop-down, next to fields drop-down.

  3. Type in a filter condition in the edit box.

    Note: You can use wildcard characters such as “*” and “?” in the filter condition.

    The filter condition can include regular characters as well as wildcard characters as given below:

Filter Condition




Character starting with a

[Object Name] = a* finds object name beginning with a, for example Adminuser, Administrator.


Character starting with a and maximum of two characters including a

[Object Name] = a? finds object name that has only two characters, starting with a, for example AD.


Minimum of three characters, the first character being a, middle character may be any single character and the last character being d

[Object Name] = a?d* finds object name beginning with a, that has any single character in the middle and ending with d followed by zero or more characters.

Click on to apply the filter condition.

Remove Filter


To remove the quick filter that has been applied to the current report, click the button.