How to find data in a report?

You can use the find feature in ADChangeTracker to search for specific data in a report.

To search for data in a report, just type the characters or words you want to find in the find edit box available in the report window and click on .

1. ADChangeTracker performs a case insensitive search of the specified search criteria in the report.

2. The search criteria should not be enclosed within quotation marks. 

3. You can use the "*" wildcard character in the search criteria. The "*" wildcard character act as a place holder for zero or more characters. However, note that you cannot use the "?" wildcard character in the search criteria. 

For instance, if you want to search for 'Domain' in a report. Type Domain, without quotations, in the edit box, and then click on Find Button. 

By default, ADChangeTracker adds an asterisk as a suffix to the specified search criteria, if no wildcard character is present in it. In this case, ADChangeTracker finds a match in the report for all fields that have the text Domain followed by zero or more characters, that is, Domain, Domain Controllers, Domain Admins, etc.

For all the matches found, ADChangeTracker highlights the corresponding columns in the grid, and scrolls the grid automatically to the first occurrence.  
4. ADChangeTracker finds additional occurrences of the specified search criteria instantaneously. To locate other occurrences of the same search criteria in a report you need to scroll the report grid downwards.