About Events Reports

Events Reports in ADChangeTracker is a powerful feature that enables the user to report the events data for AD object changes, User logon/logoff activities, Password change activities and Terminal Services activities based on specific event ID(s) in the security event log of domain controller. This feature is powered by a listener Service called ADCT Listener Service. ADCT Listener Service collects the events data and stores in the application's Events History database. You can view events data by specifying the timestamp, domain, change type, category and field based filter query that occurred over a time period.


  • Reports User Logon/Logoff activities in a domain with valuable information like Client Name, Logon Type and Workstation Name.

  • Reports events data with When and Who made the changes for Password change activities in Active Directory.

  • Reports Terminal Services Activities of roaming users in a domain with valuable information like Connected User Name, Workstation Name and Session Type.

  • Reports What exactly changed, along with Old Value and New Value, When the change was made, Where the change was made in Active Directory and Who made the changes in Active Directory objects.

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