How to cleanup Events History?

The Events History Manager allows you to clean up any unwanted events and their related data from the Events History database. The Events History database contains all events from the time you configured the specified event ID in the application. Please be careful while you perform cleanups of events as this will permanently delete the selected events from your database. It is highly recommended that you maintain a full backup of the application’s database at regular intervals to recover any accidental loss of events data.

To launch 'Events History Manager' window, click menu in the toolbar. The 'Events History Manager' dialog will appear as shown below:
  • Specify the Date range and Event IDs to cleanup specific event ID in the application’s Events History database.

  • Select the desired Domains to perform the cleanup.

  • Optionally, you can cleanup the events by selecting a template from the saved templates.

  • Click on Cleanup button to delete all the events for the selected date range and domain.


NOTE:You can also delete the entire events history by selecting the 'All dates in the application database' option.