How to add an event ID for configuring an E-mail alert?

The E-mail alerts configuration settings window allows you to create a new alert, edit, delete or view properties of existing alerts configured.

To launch 'E-mail alerts configuration settings' window, click menu in the toolbar. The 'E-mail alerts configuration settings' dialog will appear as shown below:


Step 1: Domain controller Selection
  • Right click on 'Domain controllers' and click 'Add Domain Controller...' menu. Add domain dialog will appear as shown below.

  • Enter a valid domain controller, credentials and settings and click 'OK'.

Step 2: Add Event ID(s) for Domain Controller(s)
  • Select a domain controller for which you wish to add an alert and click 'Add'. An add event information dialog will appear as shown below.


  • Enter the list of Event IDs for collection from event logs.

  • Select the Send E-mail option to receive E-mail alerts for specific event IDs. E-mail alerts will be sent only for those events for which this option has been set.

  • If you select the Send E-mail, you must specify the values for 'SMTP Server Name', 'Sender', 'Recipients' and 'Send Alerts for every __ events'. Value of 'Description' field can be provided optionally if you wish to append it to the subject of the E-mail. Click 'OK'.

  • The field 'Send Alerts for every __ events' helps to reduce the number of alerts if there are too many events generated (Event Flooding). This also helps to receive a consolidated list of alerts, instead of one alert for each event.

  • A sample 'Add Event information' dialog filled with e-mail alerts is shown below:


        Note: You can also select the events using the 'Event ID Selector' with all security audit category events by clicking the 'Select...' button next to the 'Event ID' field.

    A sample 'Add Event Information' dialog filled without e-mail alerts is shown below. 


  • Click 'OK' in 'E-mail alerts configuration settings' window to complete the process.