How to uninstall XPlica?

When you create SharePoint migration tasks in XPlica, the application creates Windows Scheduled Tasks (to run the migration tasks at the specified time interval) and Stored User Profiles in the computer where XPlica is installed. Migration task results for every task run instance is also maintained in the computer as application files.

When you uninstall XPlica through Control Panel - Add / Remove Programs applet, Windows Installer program will remove only the application files from your machine. But, the application related files created by XPlica remain in the computer. In order to remove XPlica worker files completely, the uninstall wizard provides a set of cleanup options to perform the cleanup operation based your selection.

Use this wizard to cleanup the files / profiles that are created by XPlica for SharePoint 2010 application selectively and uninstall XPlica completely from the machine.

Note: You need to uninstall XPlica Server Agent for SharePoint 2016 / SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint 2007 component separately from your SharePoint server if installed.


Launch the uninstall wizard by clicking Start -> Programs -> XPlica for SharePoint  -> XPlica Uninstall Wizard.

The XPlica for SharePoint  Uninstall Wizard dialog will be shown as below:

Click Next to proceed.


Select required cleanup options as shown below:


Click Next to proceed.


Confirm the cleanup and/or uninstall process.


Click Finish to run cleanup and/or uninstall process. Click Cancel to close the wizard.


Once the file cleanup process is complete, the uninstall wizard will automatically run Windows Installer program to remove XPlica application from the machine, if you have selected the cleanup option Uninstall XPlica application in the wizard.