Run a task

SPListX 'Run Now' feature allows the user to instantiate a task anytime after the task has been created. To run a SPListX export task:


Select a task from Task List pane.


Click Run Now  from SPListX main screen.

Or Select Run Now from Task menu

Or Press Ctrl + R key


Click Yes in Run Now confirmation message box shown below:

4. The Credential Dialog will appear as shown below. The given credential will be used to connect to the SharePoint site.


The current process of task will be reported in a new dialog as shown below:

Runtime statistics:

  1. Number of items processed - Shows the number of line items that have been processed at any given instance.

  2. Total size processed (in KB) - Shows the total size of files that were exported from SharePoint at any given instance, including documents, version history, and file attachments.

  3. Total items processed - Shows the number of folders and items (documents & list items) exported from SharePoint at any given time instance. The count does not include version histories and file attachments.

  4. Elapsed Time - Shows the elapsed time from the instance the export task started or commenced.


Once the export task is complete, a new entry will be added in Task History section, where you can view the export activity performed when the task ran last.