Change Application Data folder location

SPListX enables you to change Application Data folder location, where SPListX export tasks and related settings, activity logs and error logs are stored, at any time after installing SPListX software. To change the Application Data folder location, perform the following steps given below:


Select About SPListX from Help menu
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The About SPListX dialog appears as shown below:


Click Change... button to change Application Data folder location of SPListX application. The Browse For Folder location dialog will appear as shown below:



Select a desired folder location and Click OK. The folder location can be local drives or mapped network drives.


SPListX provides an option to copy or move the existing SPListX application settings (SPListX export task settings, task histories, activity logs, error logs etc.) to the new location once you change the Application Data Folder. Once you specify the new Application Data folder location, SPListX will prompt you to copy or move existing SPListX application settings to the new location as shown below:



Click the desired action (Copy / Move / Close) to proceed. SPListX will use the new Application Data folder location henceforth.