About Power Reports
SharePoint Farm Reporter provides an offline report generation tool called Power Reports. Power Reports tool allows the user to select multiple reports to be run for several SharePoint entities (namely, web applications, sites and lists), with powerful data filter options and finally run the reports at scheduled intervals. The Power Reports tool has the ability to export, publish and Email the reports to different network locations.

SharePoint Farm Reporter Power Reports Wizard will help you create and store the settings for a task in the Power Reports Task Manager. The scheduled task will take the schedule settings (Schedule Type, Run As parameter) provided using the SharePoint Farm Reporter Power Reports Wizard. The task will not run unless a valid password is specified for the Run As parameter. 

Please note the following information prior to using the Power Reports Wizard:

  1. The report that is scheduled will be created as a task in Windows Task Scheduler. The Schedule Manager allows you to export / publish the reports in different file formats (HTML, CSV and XLSX) to the desired path/location .
  2. The export option follows the naming convention: <<export path>>\<<task name>>\<<report generated date and time>>\<<report name>>
  3. For each file format (HTML / CSV / XLSX), a separate file will be created based on report category.