Custom Reports Manager

Custom Reports Manager allows the user to manage the custom reports available in the application. A custom report can be created by selecting a set of fields from a quick report and save them as a custom report template for re-use. It also enables storing of criteria for a custom report. The Custom Reports Manager allows the user to create, edit, copy and delete custom reports. 


Click   in the toolbar or select Tools > Custom Reports from the menu bar or press CTRL + U to open the Custom Reports Manager.
Custom Reports Manager window will be displayed as shown below


New Custom Report

Read  New Custom Report section for more information.

Edit a Custom Report

This feature allows you to edit an existing custom report.

  1. Select the custom report you want to edit.
  2. Click Edit button. 
  3. Edit the report fields and criteria. You cannot change the report name, but the description is editable.
  4. Click Finish to save the report settings.
During edit, you can also apply the modified criteria of a custom report to Power Reports tasks that uses this updated custom report. Upon clicking Finish after editing a report, 'Apply to' dialog showing the list of tasks and URL will be displayed as shown below


  1. Select the tasks and URLs for which you want to update the report criteria.
  2. Click OK to apply the current criteria to the selected URLs. 


Copy a Custom Report

  • Select the Custom Report you want to copy.
  • Click Copy button. Copy Custom Report dialog will be shown as below.


  • Enter a valid name and description for the report. Click OK to create a new custom report with the source report settings.

Delete a Custom Report

  1. Select the Custom Report you want to delete.
  2. Ensure that the custom report you want to delete is not currently in use in any of the Power Reports tasks.
  3. Click Delete button to delete the selected report.