Site Usage Summary

Report Category: Usage Reports

{Site Usage Summary} to view information about the number of sites, lists, list items, storage used by sites, number of visited users, total hits by users in each site. Displays the following information: {Web URL, Web Title, Created Date, Modified Date, Number of sub-webs, Number of lists, Number of list items, Storage (MB), Total Hits, Number of visited users, User, User Hits}.


Field Name

Modified Date Displays the date and time when the item of the web was last changed (List Item, Document, web part etc).
Storage ( MB) Displays the associated size of the listed webs. If any SharePoint list item or document has multiple versions, size of those document versions also included in size calculation.
Total Hits Displays the total number of hits used by the users in the site.

Total in the last row of the report displays grand total for the sites, lists, list items, storage used by sites, total hits, number of unique visited users for the given report scope.

Note: Please make sure that you have configured IIS Log settings to run this report. For more information click here.